Public Relations

Broad Reach’s team of award-winning media relations experts has in-depth, hands-on experience identifying and developing newsworthy content, developing key messaging and ensuring our clients’ voices are heard by their target audiences. We maximize clients’ return on investment by creating strategies that secure widespread media coverage, generate website traffic and create buzz. Our media relations services include, but are not limited to:

+ Award Programs

In addition to working with companies to develop and promote award programs, we generate coverage and attention for award-program sponsors and award winners before, during and after the event.

+ Book Launches

We coordinate all aspects of corporate book launches and have successfully introduced a number of Canadian and US bestsellers to the public via the business and book media.

+ Communications Planning

Broad Reach develops and tailors media relations programs that achieve the maximum impact based on our clients’ business needs and their budgets. Working with our clients, we establish business objectives, create messaging and ensure communications initiatives remain consistent with their corporate goals and philosophies.

+ Community Relations

Broad Reach has extensive expertise helping clients forge stronger ties to the communities they serve – from strategic partnership development, charitable initiatives and local event management to community meetings and story placements in community-based publications.

+ Corporate Social Responsibility Campaigns

Broad Reach recognizes the importance of being a good corporate citizen in today’s business climate. We also know from experience that the right corporate social responsibility (CSR) campaign supports overall business goals, sets clients apart from the competition and can lead to an increase in market share. Broad Reach works with clients to create and promote tailored CSR campaigns that engage consumers and encourage goodwill by aligning each company’s CSR activities to its values and brand. Through company-wide fundraising or volunteerism campaigns, large-scale corporate philanthropy programs, or sustainable business practices, we help clients communicate their commitment to the people and the communities they serve.

+ Crisis Communications

Our seasoned team of communications experts is adept at managing media issues before, during and after a crisis. We help clients react quickly, strategically and effectively when faced with an unexpected circumstance. Among other situations, we help clients navigate plant closings and restructurings, mergers and acquisitions, and handle media when a situation puts company executives in the middle of a difficult publicity challenge.

+ French-Language Media Relations

Broad Reach prides itself on its strong base of bilingual public relations and communications professionals. Our bilingual team works closely with leading Québec-based communications and public relations professionals and agencies to develop and implement strategic communications campaigns uniquely tailored to Canada’s French-language market (whether in Québec or elsewhere). The professionals we work with have built exceptional relationships with Canada’s French-language media, which we leverage to ensure both English-language and French-language clients achieve their communications objectives and deliver results in the French-language markets they serve―specifically in the consumer, corporate, financial services and technology sectors.

+ Market Research

To help our clients stay on top of current trends and issues, Broad Reach works with the best market research firms to create leading-edge communications strategies that support our clients’ business goals, establish our clients as though leaders, drive sales and improve relationships. We also use a variety of qualitative, quantitative, omnibus, syndicated and custom market research techniques to provide audience insights, benchmark research, audience and influencer trends, competitive intelligence and media audits.

+ Measurement and Media Analysis

We know the importance of return on investment, and we pride ourselves on delivering measurable results. Before implementing any initiative, we work with clients to determine their criteria for success and then monitor progress throughout the campaign. We capture, maintain and summarize all resulting media coverage and analyze it against identified goals.

+ Media Relations Campaigns

We design and manage all facets of media relations campaigns, including writing and distribution of media materials along with media follow-up, coordinating press tours and conferences and securing one-on-one executive interviews. Broad Reach’s team of media relations experts works with our clients to develop dynamic media materials with compelling, newsworthy angles to maximize media interest and generate coverage. In addition, we have extensive relationships with key North American influencers, including major journalists and bloggers to ensure that our clients’ messages reach their target audiences in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

+ Media Training

Broad Reach offers a series of customizable workshops and one-on-one sessions designed to prepare spokespeople to successfully deliver clear, concise, consistent and well-articulated key messages to important media. We coach spokespeople on how to be at ease, and in control, during print and broadcast media interviews on such topics as new product launches, profile building, industry commentary or crisis management. Our media specialists also teach spokespeople how to maximize every opportunity by delivering high-impact key messages.

+ Message Development

Broad Reach has helped dozens of organizations articulate their stories and identify the best way to reach target audiences. Our approach ensures that foundation messages are consistently communicated across all key communications channels. We also work in tandem with advertising agencies and branding firms to help clients shape and refine their foundation messages, then find the most effective ways to communicate that message through media relations, the web, speeches and other communications vehicles.

+ Polling

Surveys can be a highly effective means to create compelling news hooks for the media. We help clients evaluate polling options, identify the right questions and convert survey results into media-friendly materials, which are designed to generate headlines and strengthen the credibility of a company as an industry leader and a company spokesperson as an industry expert.

+ Press Conferences and Launch Events

Broad Reach has an in-depth understanding of what it takes to conceptualize, coordinate and implement press conferences and launch events that delivers results. Whether organizing a large-scale press conference or a targeted product launch event, Broad Reach always meets our clients’ business goals and objectives and identifies the most effective and innovative ways to reach target audiences.

+ Product and Business Launches

Broad Reach has extensive experience developing highly effective launch campaigns that drive rapid adoption of a new product or increase a new company’s visibility and credibility. We have developed a diverse range of product and consumer brand-awareness campaigns that have played a key role in maximizing media and editorial exposure.

+ Reputation Management

Canadian business leaders know that a positive reputation is built on good relationships with employees, customers, clients and other stakeholders. In today’s corporate culture, where reputation is everything, Broad Reach develops reputation management programs that align with corporate strategies, strengthen brand loyalty and produce tangible results.

+ Strategic Communications Planning

Whether we’re increasing awareness or market share, motivating change or influencing purchase decisions, it is our innate ability to ask the right questions that will determine the right communications strategy for our clients. With our thoughtful client briefing and thorough planning processes we are able to align our resources with our clients’ business needs and goals, and ensure that our recommendations are on target, on time and on budget.

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I highly recommend Broad Reach Communications. Portfolio Manager, Cumberland Private Wealth Management Inc

The media coverage Broad Reach generated was nothing short of outstanding. The coverage literally drove customers into stores. Chairman and Managing Director, Giles and Posner, UK

An HR Reporter article that Broad Reach generated for our firm led to four sales inquiries within hours of the story's publication - two of which led to actual sales. Marketing Manager, Berkeley Payment Solutions

I never hesitate to recommend Broad Reach to my clients, colleagues, and to my professional network. President, Women of Influence Inc.

Broad Reach is a 'one-stop shopping' experience for those who demand more complex solutions. Director, Deloitte Canada Research

The media coverage Broad Reach secured for us has been phenomenal - we never could have purchased the equivalent value through advertising. President, ChannelAssist

The media coverage generated by Broad Reach for a recent PR campaign was absolutely unprecedented - we have never received so much media interest on one topic! Senior Marketing Manager, Deloitte

Broad Reach's understanding of the Canadian media, along with its experience working with international partners, made our outreach in Canada simple and ensured our messages were delivered to the right media. PR Manager, FINCA International

Not only did Broad Reach assist with the development process through insightful and creative writing, all work was completed on time and on budget. Senior Marketing Manager, Deloitte

Broad Reach has been more than we hoped for. Their diligence and attention to detail at every level has been outstanding and the media coverage we have received has far outweighed our expectations. Marketing Manager, Berkeley Payment Solutions

Broad Reach did a fantastic job raising Deloitte's profile in Ottawa. I would highly recommend their public relations services. Partner, Deloitte

Working with Broad Reach helped make my 45 minute experience on the Oprah Winfrey Show fun and rewarding. It also gave me tools to stay cool and navigate the many media interviews I've done since then. Artist

Over the years Broad Reach has provided invaluable counsel that has helped my team create value for the firm and exceeded all internal expectations. Senior Marketing Manager, Deloitte

Under very tight deadlines, Broad Reach created a newsworthy and timely public relations campaign that enabled us to achieve our campaign objectives. Communications and Development Coordinator, The Nelson Mandela Children's Fund (Canada)

What differentiates Broad Reach from other communications firms is the unique depth and breadth of its service offering. Director, Deloitte Canada Research

Broad Reach Communications has been an integral part of the growth and success of my marketing strategy. Senior Marketing Manager, Deloitte

Broad Reach created a white paper for us that was so compelling and well written that the only edit we had was to the title. President, ChannelAssist

Broad Reach's take charge approach means that the project is properly managed from start to finish and always according to Deloitte's demanding standards. Senior Marketing Manager, Deloitte

Broad Reach's ability to understand the level of professionalism required to deliver communications services in the corporate world is a strong advantage it has over all other PR agencies. President, Women of Influence Inc.

Time and again Broad Reach has taken complex business issues and transformed them into clear and easy-to-read content for our clients. Senior Marketing Manager, Deloitte

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