Internal Communications

Keeping employees informed about new products, internal policy changes, or a range of human resources issues — from job postings to benefit programs — is key to employee satisfaction and productivity. When properly applied, tools such as internal newsletters, intranets, town hall meetings, podcasts and email outreach can play a powerful role keeping employees motivated, engaged and informed. Our capabilities in this area include, but are not limited to:

+ Brainstorming Sessions

Our brainstorming sessions are a fun, relaxed way for a group of customers, employees or management team members to come up with ideas for a new product, a revitalized company direction and anything in between. These highly interactive “blue sky” sessions take place in a comfortable environment that encourages creative, “left-brain” thinking. Sessions are about three hours long and are expertly and artfully facilitated to encourage fresh and inventive thinking among the entire group−even the quietest members.

+ Change Management

Broad Reach helps clients develop the right messaging, programs and communications vehicles to align people and purpose, shape organizational culture, enable the capacity for change, and ultimately achieve corporate goals.

+ Communication Audits

Broach Reach performs comprehensive audits of a client’s internal communications. Our process combines senior executive interviews, employee focus groups and quantitative surveys. We then apply expert analysis and interpretation to create a report that can help clients assess the effectiveness of specific and/or overall communications channels and strategies, identify groups that need to be engaged, as well as the most effective forms of communication to reach them.

+ Communications Strategy

Whether developing an overarching, organization-wide communications program or supporting a specific campaign or initiative, Broad Reach can help clients create a roadmap to help them achieve their goals. We work with clients to address a number of fundamentals, including audience identification, messaging and timing, communication channels, logistics and scheduling. The results are then captured in a strategy document or “master plan,” which can be used to guide future activities.

+ Crisis Communications

Our seasoned team of communications experts is adept at managing internal communication needs before, during and after a crisis. We help clients react quickly, strategically and effectively when faced with an unexpected situation – whether navigating plant closings and restructurings, announcing mergers and acquisitions or communicating appropriate emergency procedures when a situation puts a company and its employees at risk.

+ Employee Communications

Broad Reach consultants help organizations develop effective internal communications programs, and provide ongoing writing and editing support for marketing teams and company executives. Our expertise includes internal newsletters, corporate announcements, change management collateral, training guides, and more.

+ Employee Newsletters

Broad Reach can design, write and produce tightly written, compelling internal newsletters for communicating policy and process changes, rewarding performance, highlighting new initiatives, showcasing successes and strengthening collaboration between individuals and departments.

+ Employee Podcast Scripting

In today’s mobile world, podcasts have become an efficient and cost-effective way to connect with internal audiences to communicate change and conduct training. At Broad Reach we understand the importance of developing timely content in this new medium, and work with clients to ensure they are getting the best value for their investment.

+ Employee Retention

Employee engagement enriches everyone in the workplace from the top down. Broad Reach works with clients to develop effective employee rewards programs and events that boost morale, motivate performance and improve retention. Whether dealing with 10 or 10,000 employees, we create activities and events that engage our clients’ workforces. As event specialists, we have the skills and resources to provide end-to-end creative and logistics services, such as securing locations, event design and coordinating third-party suppliers.

+ Event and Meeting Management

At Broad Reach, we are known for providing creative vision, a fresh approach and total attention to detail when managing events and meetings. From planning to execution to follow-up, we offer a full range of management services tailored to our clients’ needs. These services include theme development and venue selection, marketing and branding, onsite logistics and supervision, and more. We can also execute a wide variety of events of any size from large fundraising galas and conferences to golf tournaments and small-scale gatherings.

+ Intranet Content

Broad Reach consultants can help organizations develop effective intranet communications policies and programs. Working with in-house HR and executive teams, our consultants develop clear, concise and effective content for internal newsletters, corporate announcements, change management collateral, training guides, and more.

+ Podcast Scripting

In today’s mobile world, podcasts have become an efficient and cost-effective way to connect with internal and external audiences to tell a story, conduct training or deliver presentations. At Broad Reach we understand the importance of developing creative, compelling content in this new medium, and we ensure our clients’ messages stand out and get the attention they deserve.

+ Presentation Skills Workshops

Our presentation skills workshops provide executives with the tools they need to deliver powerful, professional and persuasive spoken communications. They also help ensure executives deliver the right messages, in the right way to key stakeholders, including management teams, boards of directors, analysts, investors, industry leaders, and clients, among others.

+ Social Media

Social media offers an effective means to encourage employee communication and collaboration. We can help clients develop social-networking strategies and tools to support and streamline HR recruitment efforts, raise employee awareness, share ideas, or introduce new staff members to the corporate culture.

+ Videos

Whether presenting a video at an employee event or on the corporate intranet, Broach Reach, through its partnership with video specialists, helps clients communicate their key initiatives and results, motivate employees, deliver training and announce awards in a highly effective and engaging format. We ensure each video presentation captures the right knowledge, delivers the right messages and creates the desired results – from executive presentations and corporate announcements to employee training.

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