Digital and Social Media

Public relations activities have undergone and continue to experience a dramatic shift. Organizations in every sector are recognizing that digital and social media strategies play a vital role in stakeholder outreach and engagement as well as in reaching clients, partners, employees and the public. Brand recognition can also be enhanced with a strong online presence. Social media can be the perfect complement to public relations, moving target audiences from interest to action. Broad Reach helps clients create digital communications strategies and leverage social networking to complement external public relations and internal communications activities. Our capabilities in this area include:

+ Digital Audits

When developing a digital strategy or social media plan, Broad Reach typically begins with a high-level digital audit and diagnosis through online research and stakeholder consultation. This allows us to gain a deeper understanding of what’s being said online about the client, its stakeholders, current issues and best practices. We establish a baseline for clients’ existing online presence, which provides a foundation to build upon and measure against.

+ Digital Communications Strategy

An effective digital program incorporates well-defined goals and objectives and specific strategies on how to achieve them. A solid strategy must consider websites, forums, social media channels, social networks and mobile apps. We offer a clear plan that incorporates client objectives and establishes ways to achieve those objectives. Broad Reach works directly with clients to draft fully integrated engagement strategies that work. These complement more traditional approaches to stakeholder engagement.

+ Social Media Plans

Broad Reach believes that a solid social media plan should be an integrated part of existing marketing and communications strategies. A typical social media plan may include social media listening, social media guidelines, response process and protocol, content marketing and development, relationship building, Search Engine Optimization, online advertising, contests and promotions, measurement and reporting, coaching of team members, and plan execution.

+ Website Content Development and Design

We design, build and implement custom websites that reflect their unique identity and maximize functionality and usability.

+ Social Media Listening

Broach Reach uses social media listening programs to capture existing social media conversation about pertinent issues, consumer insight, and product and service loyalty in real time. We monitor conversations on social networks, blogs, websites and forums to deliver detailed and timely data to clients, and provide counselling on what that data means and how to leverage online activity. We’ve used industry-leading social media listening tools such as Sysomos and Radian6. This approach is helpful in issues management, communications planning and stakeholder relations activities.

+ Social Media Guidelines

We work with clients to create social media policies and guidelines for internal and external audiences. We develop policies and guidelines for employees that are mindful of the organization’s culture, existing policies and industry regulations. We also develop guidelines for external audiences to govern interaction on client-operated channels.

+ Response Process and Protocol

Broad Reach creates response processes to guide social media/communications team members on how and when to appropriately respond online in various situations. The process also clearly identifies how and when to escalate potential issues. Social media is often where important news first breaks and can provide the fastest avenue for assessing and responding to developing issues. Broad Reach integrates clients’ wider rapid response efforts with social media to ensure all communications channels are properly leveraged.

+ Content Marketing

We work with clients to identify and develop appropriate platforms based on target audiences’ interests and information sources. This may include blogs; Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn; YouTube; photo sharing sites (Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest); infographics; podcasts; paid media (Facebook or Google ads); website integration; mobile apps; blogger outreach; speaking opportunities; and special events/fundraisers.

+ Content Development, Curation and Relationship Building

Producing quality content that speaks to your audience and its diverse needs is essential to any social media plan. Broad Reach helps clients create, design, develop, write and manage content for social media, including client-owned and operated channels as well as digital assets to be shared with their communities and influencers through other channels. Our experience includes:

  • Social Media Content Calendars: We recommend that clients develop an ongoing “editorial” content calendar of timely, relevant and original content integrating all social media channels.
  • Content Development: We combine years of communications experience with an understanding of how to adapt content for various online platforms to create:

    Websites: We help clients produce concise and targeted web copy to reach all stakeholders.

    Blogs and Podcasts: From design and development to content creation and execution, we produce blogs and podcasts, giving clients a way to create compelling conversations that establish thought leadership and demonstrate subject-matter expertise.

    Online Video: We work with clients through the production process to create and publish effective, quality video content that resonates with stakeholders and is tailored for the web.

    Asset Creation and Curation: Online content consists of a combination of original material, research studies, eBooks, interviews, infographics, videos, photos, guest posts from industry experts and curated content from other online sources that can be shared with stakeholders and influencers to communicate relevant information and build credibility.

    Influencer Events: Building relationships with influencers is central to helping share messages with stakeholders. Social media activity often extends offline, so we plan and execute events that establish an online audience and generate third-party commentary.

+ Digital Advocacy

Broad Reach has years of experience in developing and executing advocacy campaigns specifically designed to invoke action within a target audience. We know how to motivate individuals through a combination of compelling communications material, solid research and the most effective and accessible online engagement tools.

+ Measurement and Reporting Process

We work with clients to determine measurable objectives at the outset of each program. We meet with clients regularly to evaluate the success of each program and determine if adjustments are needed to ensure all goals are met.

+ Social Media Execution, Coaching and Training

We provide coaching, training, execution, implementation, and additional support for any aspect of a social media plan. We also help clients determine the resources they require and the amount of support needed to execute the plan.


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