What Our Team Says

At Broad Reach, we believe the best team is a happy, engaged and dedicated team. That’s why we strive to provide a positive work environment. Our experienced PR and communications practitioners work on a variety of projects that showcase their talents and allow them to reach new heights in their careers. And they have the freedom to choose projects they enjoy and to work with clients that interest them. Here are just of few things our associates say about working at Broad Reach:

Working with Broad Reach Communications gives me an opportunity to let my creative thinking soar as Andrea Lekushoff is a forward thinking leader who encourages all of her consultants to share fresh strategic ideas that will result in even better client results. At Broad Reach there is no hierarchy—everyone’s voice is heard and valued. Although exceptional client results are the ultimate goal, Broad Reach provides consultants with a wonderful opportunity to work with a robust, talented team in a highly professional, respectful environment.
Senior Associate, Public Relations

Working with Broad Reach has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my career. Being part of this team means working with some of Canada’s most impressive organizations and with a group of communications practitioners who are at the top of their game—no exceptions. I’ve worked for a number of agencies, and Broad Reach’s culture of professionalism, attention to detail, commitment to exceptional client service, and consistent delivery of outstanding communications services and results is simply unparalleled.
Associate, Public Relations

There’s never a dull moment at Broad Reach. PR campaigns are well-planned and executed, account team members work seamlessly together, everyone gets an opportunity to provide their insight, and every aspect of strategy is examined before a campaign begins. Having worked at other agencies, I appreciate Broad Reach’s intelligent and inclusive approach, which consistently produces top quality results for our clients.
Senior Associate, Public Relations

Broad Reach Communications offers integrity and client service, the likes I’ve never seen in my years of PR agency experience. Everyone on the team is a seasoned expert in their craft, and Andrea is a master strategist who develops programs focused strongly on the bottom line of her clients. I am proud to be part of this team and to deliver quality results time and time again for some of Canada’s biggest brands. Broad Reach is truly a diamond in the rough!
Senior Associate, Public Relations

Working for Broad Reach has been a wonderful experience. I joined the company as a copy editor, but as time went on, I was given the opportunity to contribute as a writer as well. The Broad Reach team always encourages me to work at the top of my game. Thanks to them, I’ve been able to sharpen my writing and communications skills in a supportive environment. I now act as senior writer on many projects and work directly with clients. I really appreciate the encouragement and feedback that I get from the whole team.
Senior Copyeditor and Writer

Working for Broad Reach has been a pleasure. The projects are invariably interesting, as are the clients, many of whom represent some of the best known brands in the country. The atmosphere is very professional and everyone works hard to bring out the best in each other.
Senior Writer

I have always been very impressed with Broad Reach’s high standards of quality and client service, and the determination of all team members to do what it takes to deliver great results for our clients. Working for Broad Reach is rewarding because the team is so collaborative and dedicated to the very best of communications practices.
Senior Associate, Public Relations

Working with Broad Reach has allowed me to work with a talented and dedicated group of professionals, while representing a diverse and exciting roster of clients. The seamless interaction between account management and communications team members allows everyone to leverage their unique skills to produce PR campaigns that deliver exceptional results across all industries. It is a pleasure to work with Andrea and her team at Broad Reach!
Senior Associate, Public Relations


Award-winning work

In the past two years, Broad Reach has won 13 prestigious awards from the International Association of Business Communicators and the Canadian Public Relations Society.

Giving back to women entrepreneurs

Broad Reach is proud to support FINCA Canada's microfinancing program. We sponsor 10 women entrepreneurs in Tanzania by providing them with the loan capital they need to fund and run their businesses—and improve their lives.

Founder featured in global research

Broad Reach founder, Andrea Lekushoff, was recently featured in a white paper by renowned CFA Barbara Stewart entitled Rich Thinking: A Global Study — A Guide to Building Financial Confidence in Girls and Women.

Exceptional media coverage

A recent Broad Reach PR campaign generated 128.5 million audience impressions in 210 stories—95% of which were in top-tier media. We exceeded client expectations and campaign goals by a long shot.

We only hire experienced talent

We only hire experienced associates who are dedicated to the highest level of client service. With at least 10 years' experience and a track record of award-winning work, they're professional, accommodating, talented and a pleasure to work with.

We practise work/life balance

When it comes to work/life balance, we practise what we preach. Our associates choose the number of hours they work and the projects they work on. This means they only work on campaigns they're passionate about—the results speak for themselves.

Reports presented at WEF

Broad Reach has written a number of extensive client reports that have been presented to world leaders over the last few years at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

We understand our clients' business

Not only do our associates have at least 10 years' experience, many have MBAs. They understand the PR industry and the businesses our clients are in.

Deliver on promises

In a recent survey, 98% of Broad Reach clients said we always deliver on the commitments we make and we always do what it takes to get the job done.

Award-winning PR campaign

While working on Cadbury's "Home for the Holidays" campaign, our associates enjoyed promoting chocolate fountains, fondue sets and hot chocolate makers. This fun campaign exceeded all client expectations and won four PR industry awards.

Our philosophy

We're committed to the highest level of professionalism. We act with honesty, integrity and respect. We're accountable for our actions—both individually and as a team. And we embrace innovation, change and growth.

Our values

We have a demanding set of values that governs everything we do: We work together as a team to provide superior business value to our clients.

Our passion

We're passionate about telling clients stories, building strong brands, as well as delivering outstanding client service and exceptional results. We use this passion to build and protect clients' reputations, create eminence, sell products and establish industry leaders.

What our clients say

"Broad Reach has been an integral part of the growth and success of my marketing strategy. From their creativity and flexibility, to their professionalism and responsiveness, Broad Reach gets the job done and exceeds my expectations every time."

What our associates say

Our associates tell us that they appreciate working in a creative, highly professional and respectful environment. They find it inspiring to be part of a team of talented PR professionals at the top of their game.