What We Do For Clients

With a passion for delivering the highest level of client service, Broad Reach helps clients build long-term relationships with key stakeholders through strategic, authentic and persuasive communications.

With a focus on business results (rather than spin, number of impressions, or ad value), Broad Reach provides tailored public relations, social media, writing and other communications services delivered by senior practitioners with the right experience, skills and subject matter expertise. This allows clients to focus on their jobs, rather than manage their PR agency. And because high overhead costs are not incurred, this can all be done at great value.

Here is a list of 10 things we do for clients each day to make them look good:

  • We tell client stories. We promote our clients across a range of channels and industries to get the response or reaction they want from their stakeholders. We do so by creating compelling story angles that make our clients’ news relevant. We also develop strong corporate messaging that can be consistently used across communications platforms.
  • We generate business value. Broad Reach ensures that our communications and PR strategies consistently drive sales or new business for our clients. Whether we’re increasing public perception or increasing market share, we are committed to delivering business value to our clients’ bottom line.
  • We build strong brands. Building a strong brand is key to our clients’ success. Whether it’s introducing a new product or regenerating interest for an existing brand, our goal is to build brand loyalty through creative and innovative communications outreach initiatives that reinforce our clients’ brand values while resonating with their key customers.
  • We keep clients top-of-mind. Once a brand is well established, we make sure it stays that way by keeping our clients visible among their customers, clients, the public and the media. Our communications and PR strategies ensure that we keep our clients’ brands top-of-mind through frequency, consistency and targeted reach.
  • We sell products. We develop PR campaigns that help launch new products and increase sales for existing products by creating “buzz” in the right places. Working with internal sales and marketing teams, we are able to create promotional materials and/or develop PR campaigns that complement other corporate sales and marketing initiatives.
  • We create eminence. For service-based clients, we create eminence and establish companies as industry thought leaders by taking their white papers, industry reports and intellectual capital and creating a newsworthy package that summarizes our clients’ opinions and ideas and makes them relevant to their target audiences.
  • We strengthen and protect reputations. We work hard to build, strengthen and protect our clients’ reputations. Through ongoing strategic counsel, and targeted communications outreach, we provide reputation management, issues management and crisis management. We also work with our clients to identify potential issues, develop key messages and respond to inquiries quickly and with complete transparency.
  • We position clients as leaders. We help our clients stand well ahead of the competition. We position our clients in new and exciting ways by conducting ongoing industry monitoring and identifying opportunities for them to be at the forefront of their industry.
  • We establish industry experts. We conduct media training and key message development for key spokespeople. By combining their expertise and knowledge with our media communications insights, we are able to help establish spokespeople as industry experts. Our PR firm positions clients as “go to” experts in their field, which maximizes their exposure in media coverage and further strengthens the eminence of their brands.
  • We solve problems. Our long-standing relationships with many of our clients have positioned Broad Reach as their “go to” PR agency and communications counsel. Whether developing five-year strategic plans, a year-long campaign or a one-time project, our experience in the PR industry has earned us a position as a trusted advisor and reliable team player.